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Komplett Fellpflege mit Scheren/ Scneiden, Baden, Föhnen, Augen/Ohren und Pfotenpflege.


Schneiden, Scheren, oder Trimmen ganz individuell nach Kundenwunsch oder FCI Standard

Baden und Föhnen

Das Baden erfolgt mit hochwertigen, direkt auf die Haut des Hundes abgestimmten Schampoos.

Medizinische Bäder

Ihr Tierarzt hat Ihrem Hund medizinische Bäder verordnet , dann helfe ich Ihnen gerne weiter.

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Our Packages

Deluxe Bath & Groom
Grooming service for a small dog include bathing, ear cleaning and grooming.
From $55
Bath & Full Groom
Our full groom package includes: bath, dry with styling and nail clipping.
From $65
Bath & Tidy Up
Our service for a large dog include nail trim, cleaning, haircut and blow dry.
From $75

I’ve tried many groomers before Pets Grooming. Really friendly staff, great price and above all one happy and well groomed dog. You do a wonderful job and you are the best.

Nicky Ham

You are absolutely amazing! We are happy we found someone that can groom our pets the right way and the way we want they to be groomed. Thanks so much to you guys.

Jena Simmons

Pets Grooming offer an amazing service and I will be sending my dog there again no questions asked. I trust this team and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Five star grooming and service!

Gia Stevens

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